Mabsut & Motivational Monday!

Mango frap + espresso + chocolate chips = delicious!

NaNoWriMo Day 4 – I have over 20,000 words written and today is a national holiday (I’m certainly happy for that, and yes, I have been writing all day :D).

I’m going to start including Weekly Happiness in my Mondays (that’s where the Mabsut comes from after all), so that I can remember the good things that happen during my writing journey and so I can cheer for my friends’ achievements as well!


  • Two of my friends being chosen for #PitchWars! (100 manuscripts were chosen out of about 4,000 entries!!)
  • NaNo is starting off on such a strong foot for me – over 21,000 and I should be able to squeeze a few more words out before I call it a night
  • The amazing writing community and developers over at 4TW are a wonderful stream of support and fun
  • My brain for continually putting out ideas when doused in caffeine (today I had a Night Dark Maple thanks to Mr. RAINIER & a Sweet Caramel Pudding Latte from Starbucks)
  • Being able to meet up with old friends and make new friends during weekend write-ins
  • My new hedgehog tumbler that was my “Happy NaNo” gift from family! (I think they know I love hedgehogs!)


2 Submissions -> 1 Submission (and this does go into my motivation pile!)

  • Ambition Welded to Strength is still wild
  • Poisonous Roots, a political / post-apocalyptic story, has been rejected 🙂

Which is actually great timing since someone in the 4TW forums was asking about rejections and submissions, and my answer was that I’ll most likely be talking about that on the blog (hmmm, I’m feeling I need a name so I don’t keep referring to it as “the blog!” Kinda sounds like a monster).

Anyway, rejections can be hard, but they are part of the traditional writer’s path (if you self publish, there are other things to worry about, but rejections from submissions isn’t one of them). My first few were painful, but now I see them more as second (or third, etc.) chance to get things done well, or in some cases, an opportunity to do things differently (my NaNo project for this year started out as a rejected short story, and I’m more than happy to play around with the world for a little big longer!)   

My rejection letter was a form rejection, nicely written and very polite, with a simple “we appreciated it, but when you read the entire collection, we think you’ll agree that it wouldn’t have been a natural fit with the other pieces.” And that’s okay. Even with a theme of, let’s say “darkness,” there is going to be an inner theme that the editors are looking for. Running with the idea of “dark,” stories could be about finding light in the darkness, what happened after the darkness took over, the lead up to when darkness covered the land, utter darkness with no promise of light, etc. 

Poisonous Roots, for anyone curious about how long it took, was sent out on October 1st and the rejection hit my gmail on November 2nd (probably November 1st as the company is US based). One of the faster turnarounds I’ve experienced, and again, very professional. 

I’m happy that I had a chance for four weeks, and my stories are always welcome to come back home. It’ll be placed lovingly into my Writing Trunk, and if there is ever another call for something along those lines, I’ll submit it again. To be honest, I’m not sure if there is going to be another call such as this one, since it was very specific, so it’s possible I’ll need to figure out a new plan, but that’s a job for future me 🙂

Full throttles forward!

In the meantime:

  • Several interesting new submissions have popped up on my radar!
  • NaNoWriMo is in full swing and it’s time to write! 
  • Writer in Motion is starting up! (You’ll see my post for that later on)
  • I have friends in the same writing boat as me 🙂

I was looking a malaphors earlier (idioms combined to create a new one), but the phrase “Best of both words” suck in my head after reading the article, but that’s not a malaphor, it’s a malapropism. I like to think of it as taking the best of two word choices to find a third choice. I guess it would be like a tertiary color, when two beautiful colors are combined to create an interesting new one? 

Okay, when I go off on a color tangent, it’s time to let this post come to a natural end. Happy writing to all the writers out there! (and if there’s something you’d like me to write about, drop a comment) 

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