Warrior Wednesday – NaNoWriMo is Coming!

Erbor, the crystal eater

In Japan it’s already the 30th, which means that NaNoWriMo is coming… and it also means that the 4thewords Special Event is soooo close to starting!

That little (hahah, little) alien up there has fallen from the meteoroid that’s going to in impact the Oge-Mai Valley. To defeat Erbor, a Dust Warrior needs to write 400 words in 45 minutes (and try not being hit by any other falling creatures!

4thewords is gearing up for our biggest event of the year, and there will be some extra lovely surprises to discover in November (I also might be super excited about the wardrobe rewards too!)

So what am I going to be writing 50,000 words on? How will I be defending the Valley?

  • 100,000 words go to my fantasy detective novel, Lucky Number 7
  • 30,000 words go to 30 blog posts
  • 25,000 words go to 5 submissions I wish to finish
  • 50,000 words for my novella (to be self-released)

…I think I need NaNo to start so I stop adding more words and projects!

But this brings up a good point. I will be pushing myself with these goals. And if I fail, that’s okay because I will have more words down than I did before. If I succeed, that’s great too. The best thing I like about NaNo is pushing myself to focus, getting the words out, and then figuring out how I can do better (or keep my nose to the grindstone) next year.

An Image of My NaNo Outfit for this Year will go here at a later time! 🙂

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