Mabsut Monday ~ Happily Motivational!

Mace, the best four-legged writing buddy I ever had

If you know me from twitter, you’ll known that I #ApocalypticallyOptimistic every so often – it came from when someone (disgustedly, to my amusement) said that I would be able to optimistic during an apocalypse. True! And I don’t see a problem with that either (someone has to be the happy person, and if I can share that all the better!). 

That said, it took a while to find the right word, but I’m dedicating some of my Mondays to be Mabsut Mondays! (Mabsut is an Arabic word that has entered everyday Hebrew, meaning happy / content / satisfied). Writing has highs and lows as I’m sure you know; how many times have you received a rejection letter? How many years have you been querying? How many WIP aren’t finished? (My answer to that last question is “too many.”)

My point is that it can be easy to see all the negative things and forget the positive – which is why I’m going to try to use Mondays for Motivation and Mabsut! 

Monday’s Mabsut:

  • had a wonderful time and listened to great presentations at the Japan Writers Conference (#JWC for resource info) 
  • (if you’re a twitter person, then look up @CharlesKowalski, @jpcatton, @ExcaliburBKS, and @pronkomichael – I’ve gotten great resource information, from writing to book reviews, from them!)
  • 1 short story released into the wild (fantasy/punk) with Zombie Pirate Publishing
  • 1 short story remains in the wild (political/apocalypse) with Not a Pipe Publishing (I take “no rejection received yet” as good news)
  • Won the #10Queries raffle via twitter, and will have a professional editor look over the fist five pages of my MS (check out
  • Received some nice reviews from my fanfiction (yes, fanfiction is still writing)
Is this motivational?

Monday’s Motivation: Failing is still progress.

One of my creative friends is having a bit of a hard time, and wrote that on one day they were failing at everything they did. I sent a message to her saying that progress is each attempt made, no matter if it ends in failure or success. 

And I truly believe this. My failing to meet past submission due dates has made me a lot more aware of my timing, of how long it takes to plot, write, and edit a story. My stories failing to be accepted is a way to understand that there are things I could do better with them (trust me, I think of some of my past stories and want to email the editors with an apology for thinking they were ready for submission). I will fail  in the future and I know I’ll learn from it. 

As writers, as creatives, I know it hurts. We’ve poured a bit of our soul into our works, and for them to be rejected, it can feel as if it’s a personal rejection. But it’s not. I received a rejection once that explained they’d turned my submission down since they’d gotten several stories on the same theme. I cooooould regret writing my short apocalypse romance…I don’t though. I wrote it when I needed to, and those characters, setting, plot helped me figure out what works well for me, and what I want to do in the future (yes, more apocalypses!). 

Everything we do, we can learn from. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or at least gives you a lot of stories to write and a dark sense of humor. 

Have a great Monday everyone, and I hope it goes smoothly for you! 

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