Dust Warrior Wednesday!

My avatar is a Dust Warrior of Oge-Mai Valley, and kicks serious writing butt!

There’s a reason “Warrior” is the word in today’s blog post – two reasons actually! 

First is that I play an amazing game at http://4thewords.com that’s an RPG built for writers. You defeat creatures whose health are a certain amount of words, and you do so in a specific amount of time. Then, when the creature is defeated, you get items and materials! There are quests to wade through, several open areas to explore, a vibrant writer community, and… it’s honestly amazing. I found it completely by accident too, when I was browsing the NaNoWriMo forums and was wondering who sponsors NaNo.  

We have four regions opened, the Forest, Tree, Desert, and River regions, and on October 4th we’ll be opening up the Dark Forest! (A new spooky place, just in time for Halloween). Oooh, and as usual, we’ll be having our NaNo special event happening as well too! I’m SO excited!! A great opportunity for more avatar rewards as well, and I have to keep my avartar dressed for the season (yes, they have a personal coffee pouch at their belt level – let’s be honest, I’m probably never going to take that off!)

I signed up for my free monthly trial (and I wasn’t sure about that since I HATE paying monthly service fees – I’m more of a let me buy the game and that’s it type of gamer). But… I had fun. AND I kept writing. I finished my first manuscript with this site. I’ve written, edited (with creatures that have longer times), submitted to publishers, and had some of my pieces accepted for publication! That was more than I could say for years of writing before, and from 2016 I haven’t looked back.

In fact… I actually joined the team this summer and became a member of the staff! You can mostly find me in the forum, and staying very far away from any coding or math things – I like to write dialogues, creature lore, and background things like that.  (If you’d like to give it a try, here’s my referral code: RNXCQ91637) – and YES I am massively looking forward to NaNo 2019!

The other reason I called this a Warrior day is because I feel that all of us writers are warriors. We have to be! We keep training, practicing, helping others train, and picking ourselves off of the ground when we get dusted. Dusted. (If you join the game you’ll see what I capitalised that.) Something that brings the warrior image to mind are the people right now waiting to hear back from PitchWars. The countless people who are trying to get ready for a month-long battle of the words, to get 50k or more while sometimes in the midst of moving, or school, or a job that sucks their soul out of them. 

So I just want to take this moment and say something: 

Don’t stop. Don’t give up. You’re the only one that can tell the story that you’re writing. 

Sure, the cynics say that there’s only so many plot lines in the world, but each writer puts their own little spin on it, their details that capture people’s attention. And only you can do that for your story. 

Pick yourself up, help a fellow creative pick themselves up, and keep the progress going – even 50 words is progress, it’s something you didn’t have before, right? 🙂

Happy writing to all, and may caffeine guide your words!

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