Scapple Sunday – on National Coffee Day!

Romance and Coffeeholic Frappes from a Japanese Starbucks

First of all, Happy National Coffee Day to everyone out there! (I like the excuse I have to celebrate both today and International Coffee Day – I’m an American living in Japan.) And it’s in my name of course. šŸ˜‰

I started today with a cup of After Dark coffee in my newly arrived NaNoWriMo mug (the design sang out to me) – and I love the taste of this blend, along with the “moody and moreish” tagline on the front of the bag. It makes it the perfect coffee for writers in my opinion! I followed it up with Maple Coffee, but the taste was lacking… šŸ™

Let’s talking scheduling though – it’s almost a brand new month!! One of the things I really need to make sure I hit my goals for the week is some kind of notebook or app that let’s me track what I need to do. I *should* use my Habitica account, but for some reason it seems to be a little annoying to enter everything I need to do. On the other hand, I don’t really have a better option. šŸ˜›

I’ve got down what I want to do and when (or where in some cases), but there are a few things I want to add before I add the details of WIPs and all. I think I might have to add a page of WIPs, and that’ll help me keep on track as well. 

Plotting – done in small time fragments = lunch 

I can use my lunch time to either read if I’m not feeling up to writing, or I can use the writing square that Lisa Cron introduced me to in her book Story Genius. 

I use index cards for this so I can be working on multiple stories at the the same time. I also LOVE index cards for sketching out cloud ideas (or just sketching to be honest). 

Editing (I’ll come back to writing in a bit) – to be done in time fragments of thirty minutes or more = early cafe mornings! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are perfect for this. I (try) to get to Tully’s at 7am, and then I don’t need to leave for another hour and change. In addition, if I remember to load the chapters into my text to voice app, then I can take notes about typos and other problem areas during my train ride, which adds about two hours of listening time per day. 

RemnantsĀ – #1 importance – this will be going to a professional editor in early February, so I need/want to keep polishing this over and over again; which means breaking it down into monthly sections. October: plot check. November: re-writing those areas that need to moved around, changed, and or just plain re-done. (I’ll probably do what I always do with NaNo; keep these words in a pocket dimension, and add them at the end of the month as “yes I wrote this,” but “I wanted to see how much of my NaNo project I wrote first though.”)

Bottled SoulĀ – currently a cute little novella, I’ve already found parts that need to need to be embellished, other parts that need to be made clearer, etc. However, it makes me smile, so the hard part is already done. When I finish editing this, I’ll most likely submit it for publishing. #Fantasy #Romance #LGBTQIA+

Writing – (told you I’d come back) – I’m lucky this year; I was able to leave my full-time job and only work part-time so I have Tuesdays and Fridays to write (and do laundry, dishes, etc. but I do like wearing clothes and being able to eat things off of clean plates). I’m going to focus on only a few of my writing projects in October. More of my attention will be going into the Japan Writers Conference, NaNoWriMo writer-herding, and a few short story submissions that I’d like to get done. 

Right now I’m looking 8 submissions from September~December. They’re all short stories, and they range from apocalyptic to fantasy; science-fiction to political.Ā 

I know that seems like a lot – it is – but even if I decide not to submit my work, I’ll still have it done (or close to being done) for the next time something similar is being asked for in submission calls. I’m also looking forward very much to the December/January holidays so that I can concentrate on my first manuscript, Remnants. At the end of the day, that’s the project that needs to get the most amount of time.

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