Flash Fiction Friday!

The Day That Never Comes

 I have a useless power, and for many they see it as a small quirk, nothing more nothing less. 

My power is being able to read what’s coming. Read the future, and if you think that’s a great power, come closer so I can punch you. No future is set in stone and it constantly shifts; which means I can read something, and the moment I wonder if it’s a future truth, it suddenly won’t come true since someone somewhere did or didn’t do something. Constant anxiety, an abnormal insta focus on words, and being unable to do anything about what I might see has left me a nervous fucking wreck. Can you imagine what living in a world of only words is? At least I learned to read at an early age.


Yes I vape. Smoke. Water tobacco. Whatever you call it. If it annoys you get the hell away from me. I’ve got my problems and my solutions. ‘Sides, it’s cinnamon flavored. Such a cozy and relaxing smell. Anyhow, we were talking about powers. Everyone born in this city has one; everyone else who has the luck to be born elsewhere doesn’t. I think it’s something to do with the environment, but good luck asking people to perform and believe in science when “by magic” people with wings the length of their body can fly. 

*tucks vape into chest pocket*

Okay, okay, I wasn’t being fair to you. I’ll put it away… it’s calmed me down somewhat so I don’t mind. Not even sure why you’re here. You’ve never come to see me before, and for you to come now seems a little weird. Did you have a specific question you wanted to ask me? A future you wanted me to see? You always said my rates were shit and my power shittier, so I doubt it’s that. You probably weren’t even coming to see me, just passing my way and managing to find me. That’s okay. I tend to find people at their worst. It’s part of being a detective to be honest. 


A detective in a city with mind readers, teleporters, and duplicators. I was never needed, never wanted, and that miasma of luck started the day I was born. Conceived, so I was swimming in a soup of it for eleven months. Oh? Didn’t you know my mother was a being? She was born here, and her power was shape-shifting so she never told anyone else. I only know because my other-mother knocked her the fuck out one day, and when she was unconscious her body morphed back into what she really was – a selkie. I’d say a bitch but that’s not nice to the canine beings I’ve become friends with, so… yeah…

*pushes hair away from eyes*

You knew. Not that she was a selkie, but that’s not what I’m talking about. She was going to use me as pawn to get her seat back in the underwater kingdom. What’s the rule? “Only a selkie that’s gone through pregnancy and has sacrificed from the depths of their heart can have leadership over their brethren.” Don’t bother saying how much that sucks for the men – selkie men have a least a few fertile years before they decide to be one gender. What? You thought a race made of shape-shifters kept to one gender? And you live here? Gods above I always said you were stupid but I didn’t realize how fucking stupid you were. Dip shit. 


And you can’t say anything to me about it. Can’t defend yourself, can’t call others to defend you. You’ve just gotta sit here and take it. Enjoy the turnaround asshole. I’ve taken this city’s crap for years… dunno why I didn’t leave to be honest. Maybe there’s something I like about this place. Like shitty food. People keep eating it not because it tastes good, but because it’s a comfort. Can’t say I’ve ever liked the idea of moving out. Starting everything up again. Discovering new ways for people to make fun of me. Oh well. Gotta figure out something, right? 

*cracks neck*

Not like it’ll be easy to live here anymore. What with the city turned to stone. Thank fuck for my genetics, or if my power had a hand in this, I’ll thank that. Combo attacks, that’s something new, I’ve got to admit. Whichever one of them thought it up was smart. Have one person paint living eyes on almost every surface of the building, sell charms that are supposed to ward off evil eyes, and then focus a power through that turns whoever sees the eye into stone. Smart. Inventive. I mean, they’re not going to get far if they keep doing this shit. The queen’s not going to take the loss of her port city lightly. She’s going to send out guards and paladins and monster hunters. ‘Cause who else would turn a whole city into stone just to steal items and coin? Monsters, that’s who. 

*a cry starts up in the distance*

Good to know I’m not the only one still around though. And who knows, maybe my power will be stronger now that most of the variables have been taken out. Try to stay away from the gargoyle shit, that stuff’s acidic and it’ll eat through you like water through rice paper. You want to know what am I going to do? Collect everyone left behind and start anew. I’m not the monster you always said I was. You wanna know how we’ll get the money to start trading again? Easy. There’s always a need for decent statues, and I think we’ve got the market cornered right now, don’t you?

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