Think Ink’s Monday Menu!

Welcome friend, to Think Ink – we’re not like The Wired Writer, another coffee house in the writerly City of Quillville (#CityOfQuillville); we have a different menu that rotates through the week, and a magical one that should help you on your way…

This week, in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo, we’ve got:

The Sinkhole (upper right) – A latte-based drink that allows you to find plot holes in your writing. I’m working on a complementary drink to help plug plot holes, but until then, you’re on your own!

Confidence (middle left) – an espresso-based drink not only for writers, but for anyone needing a small boost in confidence. Your charisma will increase slightly for 24 hours, giving you an additional push of luck with people around you.

Randomizer (bottom right) – good for character development, plot point, or even a bit of dialogue. You never know what you’ll get, and that’s half the fun of writing!

Think Ink’s Weekly Menu – July 22nd

*all drinks last for 48 hours unless otherwise written.

**The Confidence is more of an edible than a drinkable, and cannot be used for illegal purposes. (You have been warned!)

***Consumers may have no more than 3 drinks per week. (Ask us about our range of sizes!)

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