Enter the Writagana

Writing Projects + Hiragana = Writagana

I joke with other writers that I have a lot of unfinished projects, so many that I’ve run out of ABCs (and if I had my list, this would be a lot more colorful!) I did manage to jot down some of what I’m working on, and after converting the titles to the Japanese hiragana system, starting coloring them according to their gerne.

Without further ado (and probably in horrible translation), I present to you: Coffee’s Writagana!

Slate grey (apocalypse)

  • Warden of the Wasteland (Wāden no arechi)
  • Remnants (Zantō)

Bubblegum pink (romance)

  • Basket of Eggs (Tamago no basuketto)
  • Love Me Like a Villain (Vuirian no yō ni watashi o aishite)

Fuchsia (fan fiction)

  • Listening to Shatters (Funsai no kiku)
  • Alphabet Soup (Arufabettosūpu)

Pumpkin orange (punk ~ steam, solar, cyber, etc.)

  • Snow Solar (Yuki no taiyō)
  • Bloody DJ (Chimamire no DJ)
  • Exposure (Bakuro) #Patreon special!

Plum purple (fantasy)

  • Rain Bird (Tori no ame)
  • Lukcy Number 7 (ラッキーナンバー7)

Azure blue (sci-fi)

  • Radio Voiceless (Musen musei)
  • Mind Candy (Maindo no ame)

I’ll end this with thirteen projects, and I’ll also make sure to keep this updated – now, onto writing!

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