Blends Served

A better picture will come soon 🙂

Mood Board Monday – Latte (Art) Coffee

Mondays will start the beginning of the week with a mood board for what I’m working on. The good thing is that I have many WIPs, so I don’t think I’ll run out of mood boards – on the other hand, I have many WIPs, so I might never return from the hole of finding the best pictures. Either way, let’s start the week off with art!

Trifecta Tuesday – Black Coffee

Tuesdays will have three parts to it that will make the day as a whole. These could be anything from publication news, new books from other authors, authors to check out, or even creative events on the horizon that writers might be interested in participating in.

Wednesday Warrior / WIPs – Double Espresso

Wednesdays can cover a lot of thoughts! First and foremost is 4thewords fun with my avatar, possibly even some current news of that amazing online community. Most importantly, I’ll be updating WIP (works in progress), and sometimes there might be a Writer in Motion post.

Thursday Tomes – Flat White

Thursdays will have a review for the day, either a book newly published with the past two years, an ARC (an advanced reader copy), or a throwback tome, This is a great way to see what I’m reading and you’ll be able to see all my reviews in one place if you follow me at TheStoryGraph.

Friday Flash Fiction – Irish Coffee

Friday’s flash fiction will be the week’s worth of #vss365 (very short story 365), currently about my space opera Mind Candy. Any writer can participate, you’re given a writing prompt (a word), and need to use it within a story, as a contained story, or even in poetry. If you’re on Twitter, search for the hashtag and you’ll find some great pieces!

Saturday Submissions – Affogato

Saturdays will feature two submissions which will be, at least, 30 days away from their submission date and will be from two different genres (and of course, from different publishers). I’m not affiliated with any of them, I’m just gathering information so you can find their calls easily.

Sunday Sundry – Vietnamese Coffee

Sundays are for wild rides into the thought processes that make up my brain. Topics will wildly (and widely) range from writing and genres to whatever is catching my fancy that day, so that’s where the sundry part is coming in.