Blends of the Day

A better picture will come soon 🙂

Merry Meet Monday

Mondays (with added mocha for the start of the work week) are for interviewing indie authors, talking about what drives them, what they write, and what makes them happy. Possibly along with questions like most fun emotion to write, tropes they love, and words they hate. 😉 Let’s start the week with new authors and their books!

Tuesday Tittle

Tuesdays have a short shot of espresso waiting for you, in the form of grammar and the writing techniques. Maybe you’ll be able to learn something new, or maybe it’ll be a refresher of something you know, but there will always be helpful examples!

Wednesday Warrior / WIP / Writer In Motion

Wednesdays can cover a lot of thoughts! First and foremost is 4thewords news (hello fellow Dust Warriors!), and equally WIP (works in progress) can be updated, or there might be a Writer in Motion post.

Thursday Tomes / Throwback Tomes

If you haven’t had Turkish coffee, it’s strong, but soooooo worth a taste (and perfect for starting strong in the middle of the week)! Thursdays will have a review for the day, either a book newly published with the past two years, an ARC (an advanced reader copy), or a throwback tome, a book that’s left it’s words to flourish in my mind. Due to the plague doctor being in the house, this will continue with support for indie authors.

Friday Flash Fiction

It’s Friday – Irish coffee for the win! Flash fictions will be short pieces from any of my WIPs, allowing you to see places and people before the books are published or the serial is on Royal Road. Current WIPs might take you to a universe with superheroes, or an apocalyptic RPG!

Saturday Sundry

Vietnamese coffee please, for a wild ride into the thought processes that make up my brain. Topics will wildly (and widely) range from writing and genres to whatever is catching my fancy that day. Condensed milk for the coffee? Let’s add condensed thoughts as well!

Sunday Spotlight

With Monday following behind, the coffee of the day is Liqueur Coffee, :). In addition, Sundays will be a spotlight for submissions and indie authors! Looking for something to write? Need someone new to read? I’ll shine a light on what I can!